WIND-projekt im aktuellen Hyundai Kundenmagazin

10.10.2015 - Offenbach am Main

The recent issue of the Hyundai customer magazine features a detailed article about WIND-projekt and the first experiences with the ix 35 Fuel Cell. The article covers not only the car, but also the connections to the other business segments of the WIND-projekt GmbH. Hydrogen drives for cars and trucks allow a linking between the renewable energies and the transportation sector. In Germany, transportation accounts for app. 30% of the energy consumption. This is a yearly consumption of app. 730 terawatt hours and is adequate to the annual energy output of 63 nuclear power plants. For a real transition to a 100% supply with renewable energies, the transportation sector also has to be targeted and hydrogen from renewable energies can play a crucial role in this process.