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7 th day of electromobility

09.07.2018 - Schwerin

On July 5 th the chamber of industry and commerce of Schwerin, the state capital Schwerin and the chamber of crafts organized the 7th day of electromobility. The latest generations of electric cars, charging and storage solutions, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as well as electric scooters and e-bikes were presented to the visitors and could be tested. WIND-projekt supported the event with the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, which has been part of the company fleet since April 2015 and is therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. Furthermore lectures about the role of electric mobility in the sector coupling were held as well as platforms and how they determine the future of the mobility. The information and action service was extensively used by the visitors and all questions about the advantages and also challenges of battery vehicles and fuel cell vehicles were answered.

Windenergie trifft grüne Mobilität

30.04.2018 - Rostock

At the last weekend in April the „Day of Renewable Energies“ took place in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Therefore WIND-project invited to an interesting day of action in Rostock at the property of the TOTAL gas station, where guests could inform themselves about the newest electrical vehicles, wind energy and storage technologies. The involved companies explained the need for green mobility in order to promote climate protection. “Green mobility is gradually becoming a trend and is the answer to impending driving bans in our downtowns. Certain resources are finite and people themselves need to do something for climate protection. This is slowly becoming anchored in the minds of consumers”, explained Carlo Schmidt, CEO of WIND-project. Around 300 visitors used extensively the opportunity to do test drives with the fuel cell vehicles Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell and the Toyota Mirai. Furthermore, it was possible to enjoy a cran drive at a height of 60 metres. For the little visitors a bouncy castle was built and face painting was offered. In the early afternoon the minister for energy, infrastructure and digitalization of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Mr. Pegel, visited the event and the exhibitors explained him the vehicle models. The great response of the event has shown that a rethinking of the acceptance of alternative vehicle drives has already begun and therefore the CO2 minimization in road traffic is well on its way.

WIND-projekt GmbH is expanding its environmentally friendly vehicle fleet

07.11.2017 - Rostock

Today, Carlo Schmidt, CEO of WIND-projekt Ingenieur- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, was very pleased to receive the keys of the first registrated Toyota Mirai in M-V. Thus, the company continues the future path of emission-free mobility. The fuel cell of the hydrogen sedan has a power of 113 kW and allows a top speed of 175 km/h. The hydrogen tanks can accommodate a total capacity of 5,00 kg of hydrogen at 700 bar, so that a range of over 500 km can be realized. A nickel-metal hydride battery provides extra power during the acceleration process. The advantage of the fuel cell drive is that no CO2 emissions arise, only water is the by-product. “We will continue to focus on low-emission drive concepts in our fleet and thus lead by example” said Schmidt.

Opening of the first official hydrogen refueling station in Rostock

19.05.2017 - Rostock

With today’s opening of the hydrogen refueling station, it is now possible to purchase in addition to conventional fuels gaseous hydrogen for fuel cell-driven vehicles at the Tessiner Straße in Rostock. TOTAL Deutschland GmbH has now commissioned its tenth station of this kind and for the first time in cooperation with the consortium H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. By the end of 2023 H2 MOBILITY would like to expand the hydrogen refueling station network to 400 filling stations in Germany and thus create the requirement for a problem-free use of environmentally friendly fuel cell vehicles. In the future rapid-charging stations for battery-powered vehicles will also be installed at the gas station. WIND-projekt GmbH is currently planning to supply the entire hydrogen station, including rapid-charging stations, with regenerative electricity from new pilot wind turbines. An additional battery buffer storage is intended to ensure that a continuous supply of “green” electricity is possible for the electric charging stations and hydrogen refueling station. A first refueling of the proprietary Hyundai ix 35 Fuel Cell was successfully carried out during the opening ceremony by the Chief Executive Officer of WIND-projekt GmbH, Mr. Carlo Schmidt. WIND-projekt will continue to work towards bringing the environmentally-friendly drive technology of the fuel cell closer to the population and to push ahead a necessary rethinking of mobility.

Picture 3:
left: environment senator of the Hanseatic city of Rostock, Mr. Holger Matthäus;
right: CEO of WIND-projekt GmbH, Mr. Carlo Schmidt

For the third time, the “Day of Renewable Energies” in M-V

29.04.2017 - Admannshagen

From April 28 th to 30 th, the Day of Renewables took place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the third time. Numerous companies and initiatives of the section of renewable energies took again the opportunity to present their companies and plants for interested people. The event is a Germany’s initiative that presents the different ways of using a sustainable energy economy at the anniversary of the Chernobyl reactor disaster. WIND-project and the wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON jointly organized an event on April 29 th, where a wind turbine E-115 with a rated output of 3 MW could be inspected. Furthermore it was possible to do a crane drive at a height of 70 m, as well as to get insights into a service vehicle. For the younger guests a bouncy castle and face painting were organized. The presentation of the Hyundai ix 35 Fuel Cell showed the future emission free path of the vehicle drives. People were enthusiastic about the drive concept of the fuel cell. The connection of regenerative hydrogen production by means of wind energy with subsequent use of hydrogen for mobility is a promising and sustainable concept. The partly sector-oriented guests approved the innovative path WIND-project would like to take with the fuel cell vehicle and advocated for a further expansion of the hydrogen filling station infrastructure, so that the fuel cell vehicles could be used to realize the climate targets. WIND-project and ENERCON have been confirmed in their activities by the great numbers of visitors and they will continue to use such events to bring people closer to sections of renewable energies.